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(Deadline is extended until 28th December 2017) Application for Scholorship
AIT, Thailand

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Ecosystem Conservation and Management Project
International Consultant - Nature Based Tourism


Right to information act - Contact Details

Environmental and Social Management Plan for the proposed Green Climate Fund Project
Ecosystems Management and Conservation Project Funded By World Bank 
Sustainable Villages




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Circular 02/2017 (Providing Construction Materials for Prioritized Development Projects of the Government) Download
Circular 01/2017 (Wana Ropa) Download
Circular (Environment Day) SP/DSP-ENV/12/17 (Sinhala version) Download
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Circular PS/DSP/03/16 Download
Circular 03-2010 Download
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Circular 05-2010 Download
Circular 02-2012 Download
Circular TEWA/E/2/LEGAL Download
Circular 02/2015 (Soil & Gravel Mining) Download
Circular 01/2016 (Wana Ropa) Download
Letter (Tree Felling in State Lands) - 03/02/02/TF (Sinhala Version) Download
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