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Status of Biosafety Education, Training and Capacity Building in Sri Lanka An Expert Consultation process was conducted by the Biodiversity secretariaton 27th March 2012,at Hotel TajSamudra, to establish baseline... Read more
Calling for Expression of Interest (EOI) - 2013 The National Green Reporting System of Sri Lanka Introduction : Nationally appropriate frameworks are necessary to promote the innovation in all socio-economic sectors of any country... Read more
“Conservation and Sustainable Use of soil Biodiversity”   “Conservation and Sustainable Use of soil Biodiversity” FIRST NATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON SOIL BIODIVERSITY 2013 ... Read more
Home Environmental Challenges
Environmental Challenges
  • Improper Land Use Planning
  • Depreciation of Forest Cover (Deforestation)
  • Land Degradation ( Soil Erosion, River Sedimentation; Desertification,)
  • Scarcity of Drinking Water to the Community
  • Environmental Pollution (Air, Water & Soil )
  • Loss of Biodiversity ( Degradation and loss of Habitats )
  • Ozone Layer Depletion
  • Green House Gas Emission and Climate Change
  • Environmental & Natural Disaster and Earth Slides
  • Lack of Proper Recognition of Environmental Values in Environmental Accounting
  • Increasing threat to endangered species
  • Encroachment of Critical Areas
  • Unsustainable Management of Natural Resources
  • Unsustainable Development Activities (Unsuitable Agriculture Expansion and Settlements)
  • Exploitation of sea coral reef and inland earth mining.
  • Uncontrolled Mining of Sand and other Minerals
  • Spread of Alien/ Invasive Species
  • Introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Solid, Hazardous and Industrial Waste generation
  • Health Hazards Related to Environment Pollution.
  • Wildlife Depletion
  • Coastal Erosion
  • Conservation of Micro ecosystems

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